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What is Laser Lipo?

Don’t you wish you can target fatty areas of your body and zap it away with no pain?

That’s what our laser lipo treatments do.

Men can even use it to reduce chest fat. Most people use it to reduce back fat, bat wings/arms, excess fat around the waste – otherwise called muffintop – it can also eliminate double chins, and excess fat around your knees and ankles.

You may have heard how we use laser lipo treatments to re-contour faces, well, we enjoy doing the same thing for your body!

Laser lipo can be used on any part of your body!

Our brilliant laser technology is completely pain free, there’s no downtime whatsoever, and you get immediate results. The results keep improving with time because as your fat cells drain, your body carries the fat away naturally. Our patients always regret waiting too long to try it, so give it a try!

We’ve been doing this for many years. It’s COMPLETELY safe.