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Overview of Our Program

Step 1: Aggressive Weight Loss

& Metabolic Program

What Happens After The Initial Consultation?
• Weight, Body Fat Percentage, Blood Pressure and Heart Rate are measured.
• Laboratory Tests are ordered to ensure that you do not have any underlying disease causing your weight problem.
• Electrocardiogram (EKG) performed to screen for arrhythmia and any other heart conditions.
• Injection of amino acids minerals and vitamins that enhance your overall results.

• A general physical assessement is performed by the provider.
• Your supplements are prescribed if needed

What Happens During the Weekly Office Visit?
• Weight, Body Fat Percentage and Blood Pressure are measured
• Weekly Booster Injection may be administered
• Nutritional Counseling

Why are Weekly Visits Required?
• Weekly visits are required to ensure that you do not have protein wasting (muscle breakdown) or dehydration. COMPLIANCE IS CRUCIAL!
• It allows us to become your accountability partner.

So What Do I Eat and Drink?
During the first step, you will be given a nutritional plan of recommended foods. The plan will be guide for your portions so you can learn to control what you put in your body.
• No Special Foods or Drinks to Order
• No Points to Count
• No Liquid Diets
• You Buy Regular Foods from Regular Supermarkets – It’s That Simple!

Step 2: Education

Congratulations are now in order!

You have reached your target weight and body fat percentage. You feel and look great! Everyone loves their new and improved physique, sporting a flatter abdomen and a leaner, stronger body overall. Now you must go shopping for a new wardrobe.

This four week period is crucial to prevent any weight gain and consists of:
• Continued weekly monitoring and supervision
• Gradual weaning of medication
• Gradual introduction of an increased variety of foods

We will provide you with Education, Guidance, Support on:
• How food should be treated as a controlled substance
• Portion control/size of servings
• Relationship of a balanced diet to optimal wellness/well-being
• The importance of exercise 20 minutes 3-4 times/week
• Addressing any lifestyle issues with strategies to ensure successful weight maintenance

Step 3: Maintain Permanent Lifestyle Change

It’s time again to celebrate with you for a job well done!
It is an exhilarating moment in your life: you have achieved your weight loss goals. You are empowered because you know that you have reached the place of “optimum wellness” where your mind is alert and exquisitely focused. Your body has renewed energy, the aches and pains that ravaged your body are gone. Many find they not longer have symptoms diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, acid reflux, fatty liver, depression, infertility, and the list goes on and on. Lastly, you can look forward toward the future  knowing that food cravings are a thing of the past. You control your food choices. Food cravings no longer control you. Monthly monitoring by clinical staff continually provides:

Support strategies necessary to ensure:
Permanent weight loss specific to the individual’s lifestyle
Addressing issues that help to avoid:
• Repeating past failures
• Regression to old eating habits
• Gaining back weight that was lost

Our weight maintenance program provides:
• A quick start to reach your weight loss goal
• A nutritional program based on sound Functional Metabolic Principles.
• A successful, safe and simple journey to optimal wellness and well-being!