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Double Chin

A Double Chin: What Is It?


A double chin is an additional roll of fat under the chin or jawline. If the fat is loose and dangling, it is frequently referred to as a neck wattle. Given that it can develop at any stage of life, a double chin is not a symptom of ageing. The profile of your face makes it simple to see if you have a double chin.

Can Exercises Reduce Double Chin?

There is no proof, according to science, that chin exercises can lessen this disease. You may be able to tighten your neck muscles and get rid of the fat around your lower jaw by massaging and exercising your facial muscles. Some suggest that this lessens the appearance of a double chin. However, seeking the advice of a dermatologist or plastic surgeon would be a wiser choice if you see little to no change in your condition.

Treatment Options Without Surgery For Double Chin

Medical procedures to remove a double chin might be pricey. These procedures require numerous sittings, and each one costs money. In contrast, non-surgical methods to minimise double chin are a practical and affordable technique to address this disease. These are the advantages:

The skin is tightened without surgery.

tightening of the neck’s sag.

decrease of the jowls or cheek folds.

improvement in wrinkles and fine lines.

Several aesthetic procedures to lessen a double chin include:

Ultherapy: This procedure lifts, tightens, and tones sagging skin by using concentrated ultrasound and regenerative properties. Using an ultrasonic wand to promote collagen formation and get rid of a double chin is a non-invasive procedure.

For a double chin, facial wrinkles, and sagging, loose skin, intragen is a simple and effective treatment.

How much time does the procedure require?

The process takes 20 to 40 minutes.

Who Would Be The Ideal Patient For This Treatment?

Both men and women can wear it. To receive the Intragen procedure, a person must be at least 30 years old.

When may I expect results to appear and how long do they last?

It is a painless surgery, and the outcomes are noticeable right away. After just one session, the effects can endure for up to six months.

What Option Suits Me Best?

If you want to increase the firmness of your skin, Intragen is the greatest option. Intragen works wonders for sunken eye sockets, sagging cheeks, and double chins