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Dad Bod Makeover

A Dad Bod Makeover: What Is It?

Dad Bod Makeover, often known as a “daddy makeover,” is a specialised programme offered by TruecareHealthandWellness that transforms a man’s physique from fatherly to fit. In problem regions like the stomach, chest, and flanks, men find it harder as they get older to shed fat, while the chest and buttocks lose definition.

Regaining the macho body you had in your youth is easy with a daddy makeover. To permanently remove fat from your problem areas, we’ll employ our HD Body Sculpting techniques. If you’d like, we can then shift those fat cells to another area of your body where you’d like greater volume and definition.

What is a Dad Bod Makeover composed of?

Depending on their individual requirements and preferences, each daddy makeover patient receives a variety of therapies. For at least one of the problem areas that older men most frequently experience—the abs, chest, love handles, etc.—each procedure will involve HD Body Sculpting (permanent fat removal). A natural Fat Transfer is another popular Dad Bod Makeover patient request to add volume to the buttocks.

How long does it take for a Dad Bod Makeover to take effect?

All operations at Belle Medical require little recovery time. The day after their treatment, the majority of our patients may return to their regular daily routines. Regarding your post-procedure recovery, your doctor will provide personalised guidance.

The effects of a Dad Bod Makeover are they long-lasting?

Your results should endure a lifetime because the body is unlikely to regenerate fat cells that have been completely destroyed. Following a good diet and exercise routine can help you improve and maintain your results because nutrition and lifestyle are the primary determinants of sustaining fat reduction and volume.