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Blood Vessels

In the majority of cases, telangiectasias are neither harmful to general health nor treatable.

However, they may require further examination since they can signify a more serious medical condition.

┬áHave you noticed that your skin is being covered in teeny red lines? Fractured blood vessels, also known as telangiectasia, broken capillaries, and spider veins, are to blame for this troublesome network. These difficult, thread-like annoyances don’t often disappear on their own once they exist. In fact, they may become more numerous with time, giving your skin a rosy, blotchy appearance.

The skin’s blood vessels can be lightened or removed using a variety of lasers. They function by illuminating the skin for a brief while with a pulse of light that is intensely absorbed by the red, purple, and blue hues of blood. This method microscopically heats the targeted vessels, and the body responds by removing the purposefully damaged vessels and reabsorbing them over a few days to a few weeks.