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We connect with individuals that are committed to taking charge of their health. He believes in finding and addressing the cause of the symptoms and not simply treating symptoms.

Noble Thomas, P.D.   (A.K.A.: Dr. Noble)

Noble Thomas, P.D. (A.K.A.: Dr. Noble)

Board Certified In Anti-Aging Medicine


Noble started his career at the Sickle Cell Foundation, first as Clinical Research Pharmacist and later as Newborn screening and Outreach Coordinator. In these roles he had the unique opportunity to represent the Foundation nationally, internationally and through various media outlets (television, print, and radio). He interpreted complex scientific literature for use by the general public in Foundation publications. He then worked with a major national pharmacy chain followed by a regional chain store and then directed the pharmacy of a Health Center. In 2008 he became among the first pharmacist to receive mid-level medical provider status.

He was born in a farming community in South Carolina, attended Francis Marion College and received his Pharmacy Degree from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston (M.U.S.C.). He was on the Dean’s list, founded or served as president of several organizations and received the “Undergraduate Research Award.” He worked in Clinical Research at M.U.S.C. department of family medicine, enlisting, monitoring and executing study protocols. He completed an elite executive training internship with a major pharmaceutical Company.

He received certifications in: Diabetes Care, Hypertension Management, Immunization, Medication Therapy Management, Anti-coagulation Therapy, Physical Assessment, and Laboratory Interpretation. He has served on the Board of Directors for the National Pharmaceutical Association, Executive Committee for the Palmetto Medical Dental and Pharmaceutical Society, and Treasurer for the Charlotte Medical Society. He is or has been a member of many Pharmacy organizations, International Hormone Society and other health organizations including serving on the Board of Directors for the North Carolina Integrative Medicine Society. He has served in a Governor-appointed position as Public Health Commissioner for North Carolina. He enjoys Photography, Canines, and Travel.

April Vaughns, GSE, MA

April Vaughns, GSE, MA

Meet our Guest Services Representative


[Every guest – like family….Every moment – an opportunity to create lasting memories]

We are thrilled to introduce you to our Guest Service Representative, April, the warm and welcoming face that epitomizes the heart of our company.

**Passionate About Modeling and Fashion:**
She brings a unique flair to our team, with a genuine passion for modeling and fashion. Their keen eye for style adds a touch of elegance to the atmosphere, reflecting our commitment to creating an aesthetically pleasing and comfortable environment.

**Friendly and Personable Demeanor:**
With a friendly and personable demeanor, April effortlessly creates a welcoming atmosphere. Every interaction is more than just a transaction; it’s an opportunity to connect, engage, and make our guests feel truly valued.

**Strong Family Ties and Love for Good Food:**
Rooted in strong family ties, she understands the importance of creating a sense of belonging for our guests. With a love for good food, they appreciate the joy that comes from sharing memorable moments around a table with loved ones.

**Embracing Travel with Enthusiasm:**
A burgeoning travel enthusiast, April is embarking on new adventures and exploring the world. Their fresh perspective and enthusiasm add a dynamic energy that resonates with our commitment to growth and discovery.

**Team Player and Exceptional Listener:**
As a team player, she seamlessly collaborates with colleagues to ensure a harmonious work environment. An exceptional listener, they offer valuable advice when requested, embodying our dedication to providing personalized and thoughtful service.

**Positive Life View and Surrounding Others with Positivity:**
With a positive life view, April radiates optimism and joy. Their presence uplifts those around them, creating an atmosphere of positivity that aligns seamlessly with our company’s values.

At TrueCare Health and Wellness, we believe that the Guest Service experience extends beyond the services we offer; it’s about creating moments of connection and joy. With April as our Guest Service Representative, you can expect not just service but an unforgettable experience that leaves you with a smile. 


Jennifer Ayala, MA

Jennifer Ayala, MA

Guest Services

Introducing Jennifer Ayala – Our Enthusiastic Guest Services Expert!

Originally from Springfield, Mass, Jennifer moved to North Carolina in 2018, following her dream of a rewarding career in the health field, inspired by her mom. After completing High School in 2020, she pursued her passion by studying Medical Administrative Assistant.  Joining TrueCare Health and Wellness in 2022, Jennifer’s eagerness to learn and excel shines through.

When not at work, Jennifer enjoys quality time with family and has a flair for karaoke.

We’re delighted to have Jennifer’s warm and welcoming personality as part of our team, ensuring our guests feel right at home.

Welcome to TrueCare Health and Wellness!



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